Dinoscopus – the blogging, Holocaust-denying Bishop

Over at Stop Genocide the always insightful Michelle comments on the Catholic Bishop Holocaust Denial scandal.

She asks for your comments – especially from the Catholics among us.

Not being Catholic myself, I can really only give a blanket condemnation of Holocaust denial — it’s a dangerous game which, as Fielder notes, fosters anti-Semitism. (As if we really need more hate in the world.) But I am very interested to hear from the Catholic community: What do y’all think about this? What are the implications, both within the Church and in its external relations, of the Pope’s decision? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Click on over to add your thoughts to the discussion.

And!  Bishop Williams himself has a blog.  Check it out if you want to see some of his letters about the issue, or photos of him consecrating chalices.  Also check out his views on “True” and “False” anti-Semitism.

Finally – props to Angela Merkel for urging the Pope to reject this type of Holocaust denial.

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2 Responses to Dinoscopus – the blogging, Holocaust-denying Bishop

  1. Like all Holocaust deniers, Bishop Richard Williamson is a recalcitrant antisemite. It is his right to like or dislike anyone he wishes. It is not his right, however, to pervert he truth and to distort science.

    His statements denying the Holocaust are based on outrageous lies and misinterpretations. He quotes from sources published by deniers twenty years ago that few of even the most dedicated and Jew-hating bigots refer to them any more. One of the sources used by the Bishop is one Fred Leuchter who has confessed in writing that he is not an engineer as he has claimed., Leuchter’s various pamphlets wherein he claims to be the foremost “gas chamber engineer” in the United States are filled with examples of shoddy and mendacious misinformation and outright lies.

    To counter Bishop Williamson’s equally misguided opinions on the technical aspects of the Holocaust I have produced a detailed essay that analyzes each of the statements that he made in January 2009 in an interview with a Swedish television station. The paper is entitled:


    It is on the Web at::


    Hard copies of this paper have been sent by DHL to some of his colleagues in the Society of St. Pius. Since the Bishop has not withdrawn his statements, nor have his colleagues objected to them, one is forced to assume that the four bishops that were excommunicated and who form the core of the Society of St. Pius X are in agreement with the antisemitic views of their colleague.

    I challenge Bishop Williamson to refute – in proper scientific terms and with unimpeachable references – any of the critical statements that I make in my paper.

    Harry W. Mazal OBE

    The Holocaust History Project, Inc.

  2. Safran Asien says:

    There are so many other possibilities to attract attention of the public.
    Has Mr Bishop nothing else to do?

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