Best Politicians On Twitter

One of my recently developed pet peeves (I only joined twitter in September) is Twitter members who just “tweet” their RSS feed.  Lots of “individuals” and organizations are responsible for this (I won’t name names, you can tell by the fact that all their tweets say “from twitterfeed”).


So I am now on a search for the best politicians on Twitter.  My personal favorite has been Mark Warner, whose combination of personal-feeling messages and range of topics (lunch places, Senate votes, etc) makes him interesting to follow.

Some suggestions from my Twitter friends:


(that’s barackobama and dan_grant)


(that’s kevinruddPM)

I also recently discovered Representative Pete Hoekstra on Twitter, whose tweet on the confirmation scandals is one of the best commentaries I’ve seen:


What do you think?  Who are the best politicans on Twitter?

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