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“A war between crazy people, between monsters”

Seventeen years ago, on April 6th, 1992 the longest siege in modern warfare began on the day the European Commission recognized Bosnia and Herzegovina as an independent state.  The siege – and near constant shellings, mortar attacks and sniper hits … Continue reading

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Signs of spring

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Squirrel Appreciation Day

I just learned that it’s Squirrel Appreciation Day.  As a huge fan of squirrels, I wanted to honor it in some way. So, if you have always been fascinated by the little furry guys running around our cities, check out … Continue reading

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Mark Your Calendars: Important Dates in 2009

And by important dates I of course mean my favorite holidays – those obscure days that were clearly unilateraly declared by various industries and interest groups, but I find so fascinating that there are days or weeks or months declared … Continue reading

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