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Tweeting the Holocaust Museum

Originally posted at Change.org. On Tuesday I had the opportunity to go on a “live tweet” architectural tour of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (@holocaustmuseum).  For those unfamiliar with the “live-tweet” genre, this means that a group of us … Continue reading

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Announcing EarthAid.net

I’m very excited and proud to to join in the announcement of the launch of EarthAid.net, a new platform created by Earth Aid Enterprises.  Earth Aid takes an innovative approach to America’s energy and climate change problems. Earth Aid empowers … Continue reading

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Anti-Genocide 2.0 – Twitter Hashtags

Just learned about the use of the Twitter Hashtag #genprev from Twitter user TedPerl at the Center for International Conflict Resolution. Please use that hashtag when discussing Genocide Prevention and related issues.  And, you can always check the search function … Continue reading

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Anti-Genocide 2.0

Originally posted at Stop Genocide. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget the horrific realities of genocide.  While there is no way those of us who haven’t experienced it firsthand can truly begin to understand, many creative groups have found ways to … Continue reading

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Slacktivism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Just came across this interesting (relatively) new term: Slacktivism (sometimes slactivism) is a portmanteau formed out of the words slacker and activism. It is a pejorative term that describes taking painless “feel-good” measures in … Continue reading

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Can Robots Stop Genocide?

This Sunday’s Washington Post contained a fascinating piece by GlobalSecurity.org’s John Pike.  In it, Pike predicts “Soon — years, not decades, from now — American armed robots will patrol on the ground as well, fundamentally transforming the face of battle.”  … Continue reading

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