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Voting Begins in Sudan

Cross-posted from Blog for Darfur. Today marked the start of the Sudanese elections.  Voting is scheduled to run from April 11-13, with results expected to be announced on the 18th. The BBC and Reuters have good run-downs of the complexities … Continue reading

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Tweet the State Department

http://act.ly/1f3 Sign the act.ly petition by tweeting: Petition @dipnote to protect the women of Sudan! Women’s rights are human rights http://act.ly/1f3 RT to sign #actly #16days

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The Internet + Genocide: The Good, The Bad, The Questionable

Originally posted at Stop Genocide. The internet.  One of the best things about it is that anyone with a connection and a computer can use it to spread ideas, learn and connect with other people.  One of the scariest things?  … Continue reading

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Tweeting the Holocaust Museum

Originally posted at Change.org. On Tuesday I had the opportunity to go on a “live tweet” architectural tour of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (@holocaustmuseum).  For those unfamiliar with the “live-tweet” genre, this means that a group of us … Continue reading

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Anti-Genocide 2.0 – Twitter Hashtags

Just learned about the use of the Twitter Hashtag #genprev from Twitter user TedPerl at the Center for International Conflict Resolution. Please use that hashtag when discussing Genocide Prevention and related issues.  And, you can always check the search function … Continue reading

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Anti-Genocide 2.0

Originally posted at Stop Genocide. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget the horrific realities of genocide.  While there is no way those of us who haven’t experienced it firsthand can truly begin to understand, many creative groups have found ways to … Continue reading

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