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A table at the Chinese Consulate

Originally posted at Blog for Darfur. I wanted to share with you all this email from Lori Khan, an activist in Houston, TX.  During President Obama’s recent trip to China Lori took a few of her paintings and informational materials … Continue reading

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Tweet the State Department

http://act.ly/1f3 Sign the act.ly petition by tweeting: Petition @dipnote to protect the women of Sudan! Women’s rights are human rights http://act.ly/1f3 RT to sign #actly #16days

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Things that make us happy

Originally posted at http://www.blogfordarfur.org After a weekend full of family, friends and food my cousins and I sat down to write a letter.  We wanted to tell the people fighting for the women and children of Darfur what their work … Continue reading

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Axioms for Organizers

“Don’t waste time fighting the competition; use that time to fight the issues and win and that will take care of the competition.” “We educate people in order to organize them.  We don’t organize people in order to educate them.” … Continue reading

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Photos from CBC press conference

Check out a slideshow of my photos from the Congressional Black Caucus press conference on Darfur (May 19, 2009)

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Questions & Interventions

There’s an interesting and robust debate going on in the blog-o-sphere on the questions surrounding international interventions. Amanda at Wronging Rights started off the debate with the following questions, about which she says: “As far as I’m concerned, no intervention … Continue reading

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