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Harassment & Torture in Advance of the Elections

Cross-posted from Blog for Darfur. Reports are coming out of Sudan of intimidation, harassment and violent repression – leading up to the first nationally contested elections in 24 years. From the crackdown on protesters and opposition leaders in December to … Continue reading

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Live Blogging Part 2 of 24 Season Premier

After blogging on Change.org about the special 2 hour episode in November, and live-blogging (and posting at Change.org) last night’s episode, I’m back for part 2 of the season premier. … more genocide and human rights references to come, follow … Continue reading

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US court to sentence Taylor’s son

BBC NEWS | Americas | US court to sentence Taylor’s son. A series of snippets from the article: Chuckie Taylor, 31, headed a notorious paramilitary unit while his father’s government was battling rebels. He was born in the US but … Continue reading

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