Inside the Popsicle Truck

When I was in DC last month I had to visit my favorite food truck: Pleasant Pops.  When I told Roger and Brian about my project photographing Boston food trucks and markets, they kindly let me come by the next day and visit inside the truck.

Of course, before I get to the photos, I must mention that Pleasant Pops is available for holiday parties and office catering!  So while it might be too chilly to enjoy a popsicle outside, get them for your special events.

In particular I recommend the golden delicious apple, chocolate and blackberries and cream flavors.  Not all in season right now, but wait until they are — it’s worth it.

Many thanks to Pleasant Pops for letting me tag along on their last day out before hibernation!

Pleasant Pops in the rain

Pleasant Pops Customer

2011-10-28 DC 629

2011-10-28 DC 770

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2 Responses to Inside the Popsicle Truck

  1. Emily says:

    Oooh! Inside the Pop Truck! Great pics! My favorte thing about Pleasant Pops (besides the yummy flavors, that is…) is their product sourcing! Pleasant Pops gets the marjority of their produce from DC-area farmers markets and most importantly to me, the dairy they use is humane from Trickling Springs! Check it out here:

  2. Thanks, Emily! And thanks for leaving the note about Pleasant Pops’ local and humane ingredients – definitely one of their best points.

    Also just saw your post about Chipotle – glad to hear that they are on your approved list!

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