The Boston Food Project: The Last Greenway Open Market of 2011

Food Trucks + Boston

On Saturday, Ben and I ventured down to the last Greenway Open Market of 2011.  There was a promise of a number of food trucks in attendance, so I thought this would be a good way to kick off my Boston Food Project photography.  There were only 2 trucks that we came across (and one coffee bike) but we sampled both and had fun wandering around with all the tourists.
We started with Grilled Cheese Nation, featured in this funny commentary from the Boston Globe which ran the morning we embarked on this adventure.
Grilled Cheese Nation

We ordered the Blue Man Goo – Great Hill Blue Cheese and Organic Fig Spread with Aged Balsamic on Iggy’s Raisin Pecan Bread and the Boston Common – Aged Mild Vermont Cheddar on Iggy’s Organic Pain de Mie Bread (we added local tomatoes).  They were also giving out free shots of Gazpacho (normally $1).

Grilled Cheese Nation blue man gooGrilled Cheese Nation

The Blue Man Goo was absolutely delicious.  The bread had great texture, and the flavors balanced each other well.  The blue cheese flavor wasn’t overwhelming, but simple complemented the sweetness of the fig spread and aged balsamic.  The Boston Common was a good, basic grilled cheese sandwich, kind of like you’d make at home.  It was nice on the beautiful, warm sunny day – but really would be perfect for a rainy, cold afternoon accompanied by tomato soup (or my favorite, a slathering of ketchup).  Since this is the last opportunity for perfect, ripe tomatoes I was a little disappointment by the ones in the sandwich, but they added a bit of healthiness to the cheese.

We also tried BBQ Smith.
BBQ Smith

We ordered the veggie taco and the sesame slaw.
BBQ Smith sesame slaw  BBQ Smith veggie taco

Both were delicious, light, healthy.  And, we ate them by the ocean.  It seems that BBQ Smith’s specialty is barbequed meats, so next time we’ll try that.  Unfortunately their website only has a downloadable PDF menu (huge pet peeve!), and seems to be incomplete (no veggie taco listed)… but check them out on twitter for more information.  Their staff was super nice, letting me take a few photos inside the truck for the Boston Food Project.  The sizes were a little small for the prices, but the food all seemed to be quite high quality.

Also, there was a coffee bike:
Coffee bike

All in all, an excellent food truck adventure.

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