What we ate in Paris

Before heading to Paris I spent a lot of time Googling and asking friends to find recommendations of the best places to eat.  After all that effort (and some serendipitous finds) I wanted to share the results.  Most of the recommendations came from Eat Boutique’s “Mini-Guide to Paris” and our friend Alana who lives there.  And lest you think we just ate while in Paris, we saw lots of cool stuff too.

Bakeries & Ice Cream

Coquelicot in the 18ême (Montmartre)
24 rue des Abbesses
– Recommendation of Eat Boutique: “favorite bread”
– Worth making a destination (start out here before exploring Sacre Coeur and Montmartre).

Pierre Herme in the 6ême or 2ême
4 Rue Cambon, Paris or 72 Rue Bonaparte, Paris
– Recommendation of Eat Boutique: “favorite macaron” and of pretty much anyone who’s spent time in Paris and like sweets
– Get the chocolate and passionfruit
– Worth making a destination

Laduree (multiple locations)
We visited 75, avenue des Champs Elysées
– Amazing invention: gelato with a macaron on top.  Laduree (especially the Champs Elysées location) is touristy, over-priced, but also totally worth the visit.  Get the rose petal gelato with a macaron.

Boulangerie Eric Kayser (multiple locations)
We visited 33 Rue Danielle Casanova, Paris (2ême)
– Like a fancy, truly-French Au Bon Pain with delicious pastries, cafe au laits, and quiches
– Worth making a destination (whichever location is closest to you)

Amorino Gelato (multiple locations)
We visited 31 Rue Vieille du Temple, Paris
– Worth making a destination (or having as a snack while exploring the Marais, or for dessert after eating at Au Petit Fer a Cheval or Les Philosophes)


Au Petit Fer à Cheval and Les Philosophes Cafe in the Marais
30 & 28 Rue Vieille du Temple
– Our two favorite meals in Paris were at these restaurants (dinner at Fer a Cheval, lunch at Philosophes).  They are owned by the same people, and have essentially the same menu.  Fer a Cheval is smaller, and seemed more appropriate for dinner.  Philosophes is popular for brunch, is on the corner, and seems more fun during the day.  Highly recommend either/both.
– We had the vegetable plate and the fish from Fer a Cheval and the vegetarian house salad and tomato balsamic tart from Les Philosophes.
– End your evening with gelato from Amorino across the street.
– Worth making a destination.

Mi-Va-Mi Falafel, Rue des Rosiers, Marais
Rue des Rosiers was one of my favorite streets in Paris.  The center of the Jewish quarter, it has tons of falafel places and Jewish delis.  We ended up at Mi-Va-Mi (and ate there twice during our trip).  First time they weren’t selling falafel or pita because it was passover, but we had great frites topped with tahini, mayo and spicy tomato sauce.  Second time we had falafel and a salad box.  Great deal, great location, and fun section of Paris.
– Good to note: lots of things are open in the Marais on Sunday (most of the rest of Paris is closed).

Le 404, 69 Rue des Gravilliers
– North African food in a fun setting.  A delicious take on the mojito, vegetable tajine and lamb couscous.  Huge portions, but on the expensive side.  Definitely make reservations.

La Fontaine de Mars, Rue de l’Exposition
– Traditional French bistro.  We had white asparagus, leeks and chicken with morels and cream sauce (leeks and chicken were the stand-outs).  Food was good, tables were actually large enough to fit the food, they have English menus, and location is convenient to the Eiffel Tower and the Right Bank.  On the expensive side.  Definitely make reservations unless you are planning to eat at 7.
– Recommended by Daniel: “favorite bistro in Paris”

L’Avant Comptoir in the 6ême (St Germain)
– Recommendation of Eat Boutique: “favorite sandwich to take away”
– Worth the trip out here if you’re going to grab a crepe or a sandwich and walk the 2 blocks to Jardin du Luxembourg and eat in the park.  Great value for quantity of food.

Rose Bakery
46 Rue des Martyrs and 30 Rue Debelleyme
– British-run cafe with light, healthy, reasonably-priced salads, pizzas, etc.  We visited the location on Rue des Martyrs after a morning wandering the hills of Montmarte.  It’s not much to look at, but the salads, tart and mini-pizza all hit the spot.
– Recommendation of Eat Boutique: “favorite salads”

For the next trip (places we didn’t make it to but were on the list):
Le Petit Pontoise in the 5ême (Latin Quarter) – Bistro
Le Miroir in the 18ême (Montmartre) – Bistro
The Grande Mosquee in the 5ême (Latin Quarter) – tea
Marché des Enfants Rouges (Marais) – food market
Au Coin des Gourmets (2ême) – Vietnamese

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2 Responses to What we ate in Paris

  1. Martha:

    Hello there. I’m so glad you were able to visit some of our suggested spots in Paris while you were there. I hope your trip was fabulous – it sure looks like it was!

    Have a good week,
    Maggie B.
    Eat Boutique

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