Call your member of Congress today!

Cross posted from Blog for Darfur.

The 112th Congress is just settling in to their offices, committee assignments, and legislative priorities.  This is a great time to ask them to get involved on Sudan.  And we have an easy way for you to do just that – by calling 1-800-GENOCIDE, you can connect directly with your senators and representatives, and you’ll have easy talking points at your disposal.

The House of Representatives Sudan Caucus is a group for Representatives that are interested in Sudan-related initiatives.  The Caucus offers an opportunity for members of Congress to be remain up-to-date on Sudan news and analysis; participate in briefings and other events; and be well-informed about opportunities to take action on sign-on letters and legislation.  There are more than 90 new members of the House of Representatives that will have their first opportunity to join the Caucus.  This is a great time to get them onboard.  Additionally, even former members of the Caucus will need to rejoin.

And now is a great time to get your senator on the record about the referendum on Southern Sudanese independence and the situation in Darfur.

Take action today by following these easy steps:

  1. Dial: 1-800-GENOCIDE
  2. You’ll be prompted to enter your zip code.
  3. Follow the instructions on the recording to be connected to your Representative (option 1) or Senator (option 2).
  4. If you call during business offices, you’ll probably speak with a staffer.
  5. Say your name and mention your hometown.
  6. If you connect to your Representative…
    • Say “I encourage Representative XXX to join the Sudan Caucus and the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission”.
  7. If you connect to your Senator…
    • Say “I urge Senator XXX to Senator to issue a statement on Sudan’s referendum.

This post was co-authored by Allyson Neville-Morgan.  Photo by Martha.

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