The President’s Crucial Decision on Sudan

Cross-posted from Blog for Darfur.

In response to potential changes in President Obama’s Sudan policy, Sudan Now, a campaign led by a group of prominent anti-genocide and human rights advocacy organizations, is running ads in The New York Times and the Vineyard Gazette to influence the president’s decision, expected soon, on the future direction of U.S. Sudan policy.

The president faces a critical decision on how to move forward on Sudan–including one that may result in a severe shift in approach in U.S. policy nearly 100 days before the referendum vote that could divide Africa’s largest country.

Additionally, a letter signed by 68 organizations is being sent to the president on the same topic. Both the ads and the letter advocate for a balanced Sudan policy that includes both incentives and pressures.

You can join the call for a robust, balanced Sudan policy by taking action today.

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Tell @BarackObama to make the right choice for #SudanNow. @WhiteHouse

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Visit the White House Facebook Page and post: “Mr. President, please make the right decision on Sudan. Act on Sudan Now.” or a message of your own.

And, take a moment to watch the new video from Stop Genocide Now.

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