Voting Begins in Sudan

Cross-posted from Blog for Darfur.

Today marked the start of the Sudanese elections.  Voting is scheduled to run from April 11-13, with results expected to be announced on the 18th.

The BBC and Reuters have good run-downs of the complexities of these elections, including the logistical and political challenges surrounding them and a helpful Q&A.

To stay up-to-date on elections developments:

1) sign up for Save Darfur’s regular elections alerts at

2) follow developments on Twitter – through our Twitter list on the elections or by following and using the hashtag #sudanelections [I’d also add in here my personal Twitter list on the elections:]

3) watch, a project led by the Sudan Institute for Research and Policy (SIRP) , in collaboration with Sudanese Civil Society Organizations (CSO), and supported by and (technical partners)

4) read the blogs & web publications: the Enough Project’s Enough Said, with updates from Maggie Fick in South Sudan; Sudan365 with news and events from around the world; the African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies; The Sudan Tribune;’s Human Rights blog.

Photo of a campaign billboard for Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir taken by Mark Lotwis for the Save Darfur Coalition.  More photos here.

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