Sudan Policy Review

Washington Post

“The new U.S. policy, which will be formally unveiled Monday, calls for a campaign of “pressure and incentives” to cajole the government in Khartoum into pursuing peace in the troubled Darfur region, settling disputes with the autonomous government in southern Sudan and providing the United States greater cooperation in stemming international terrorism, according to administration officials briefed on the plan. It also provides Khartoum with a path to improved relations with the United States if it begins to address long-standing U.S. concerns.” “From now on, the United States will maintain that genocide “is taking place” in Darfur, officials said.”

New York Times

““To advance peace and security in Sudan, we must engage with allies and with those with whom we disagree,” said a statement of the policy that was obtained by The New York Times.”


“The announcement is planned to show unity within the Obama administration.”
“the new policy is designed to bring Khartoum into the fold by offering incentives for improved relations for improvements in the situation in Darfur as well as in southern Sudan, which will hold a referendum on succession scheduled to take place in 2011”


“The U.S. official said he did not expect direct talks with Bashir, but that “my understanding is that the administration is not planning any immediate lifting of sanctions.” The intent was to test Khartoum’s willingness to take steps to end the conflict in Darfur and implement a 2005 North-South peace agreement on a specific timeline before there is any move toward dropping sanctions, the official said.”

Save Darfur will be monitoring the release and advocacy opportunities and posting regularly on our blog.  To see our past posts on this, including a “what we’re looking for” series from over the summer, please visit

We’ll also be comparing the policy review to our checklist for an effective Sudan strategy, which you can find at

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