Sudanese Demonstration at the White House

Coverage from the Enough Project blog.

Saving Lives – Sudanese demonstrate at the White House

On Friday, Sudanese from across the US came together to demonstrate in front of the White House.  Check out a slideshow of photos from the event.

ABC news covered the event:

On Friday, a small group of Sudanese immigrants gathered in front of the White House to express their disappointment in Obama for not being active enough on Darfur from the outset of his presidency.

“I voted for him,” said protestor William Deng, of the Southern Sudan Project. “And I did it because I knew he was going to do something about Darfur. But now he’s silent, he’s never done anything. And I feel, I regret that he doesn’t do anything about our issues.”

The Sudan Tribune reported:

Dozens of US activists and members of the Sudanese diaspora marched in front of the White House on Friday just days before two members of the US Senate arrived in Khartoum to meet with top aides of President Omer Al-Bashir.

Protestors held signs saying “Save Lives Now”, “El Bashir & NCP to ICC”, “Restore Aid Now,” and “End the Genocide.”

Photo credit Natasha Ghent-Rodriguez.

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