Make a difference for Darfur this April

April is Genocide Prevention Month, and this year it is a critical time for Darfur. An arrest warrant has been issued for Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. Darfuris have been displaced by genocidal violence for six years. And, President Obama will have been in office for nearly 100 days.

We must show our leaders that thousands of Americans demand action at this high-stakes moment — and they won’t be able to ignore thousands of Americans rallying in communities across America.

In April we will raise our collective voice with hundreds of grassroots events nationwide and demand that Obama act to ensure peace for Sudan, protection for its people and accountability for the architects of genocide. Become part of this momentous campaign.

Host or attend an event in your community

This April, during Genocide Prevention Month, communities across the country will come together to honor the past and act for change in Darfur today. Become part of this momentous campaign by hosting an Act Now for Darfur event in your community. Whether it’s a film viewing or forum, a rally or vigil, or a faith-based event, there’s something right for you.

Take action every day

Send a letter to Ambassador Susan Rice.  Text Secretary Hillary Clinton.  Film a YouTube video to President Obama.  Watch a film about survivors advocating for an end to genocide.  Take action!

Pray and act for Darfur in your house of worship

In the month of April we will commemorate genocides such as Armenia, The Holocaust, Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda, South Sudan and other mass atrocities with a Month of Sermons and Service. Congregations around the country will reflect on Darfur during Mass, Church Services, Seders and Khutbahs.

The Month of Sermons and Service is a time to not only remember the inaction of world leaders in the face of past atrocities, but also to demand real action in Darfur in the present. Invite your faith community to participate by registering as a Congregation of Conscience.

Lobby your elected officials

Schedule a lobby meeting with your member of Congress during April 6-17, the congressional recess. Learn how to set up a lobby meeting, and email once the meeting is scheduled or with any questions.

Ask your local bookstore or library to display a table of books about genocide

Bookstores and libraries across the country will be featuring tables of books about genocide throughout the month of April.   The American Booksellers Association has created a list of notable books about genocide: “Books of Conscience.” Doesn’t include your favorite?  More books are listed here, and you can contact the Genocide Prevention Project with any further suggestions.  Help us by asking your bookseller to participate!

Join a commemoration honoring past genocides in your community

Genocide survivors and advocates are holding events around the world in April to observe Genocide Prevention Month. From the Museum of Jewish Heritage to the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, survivor organizations and advocates are commemorating Bosnia, Rwanda, the Holocaust, Cambodia and Armenia – tragedies that all have commemoration anniversaries in April.

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