George Clooney on Dateline NBC

Tonight on Dateline NBC (7 ET/6 CT):

Actor and Activist George Clooney always draws a crowd. But now he’s drawing attention to some of those who need it most: the refugees of Darfur. The very word “Darfur” itself has come to remind us of the depths of human suffering and courage. Now Dateline’s Ann Curry travels with Clooney to the refugee camps in neighboring Chad, where people are still waiting for justice. The latest on the humanitarian crisis, and hopes for justice.

via This Sunday: Michael Phelps and more – Inside Dateline –

After you’ve watched, sign a postcard (Clooney just delivered 250,000 of these cards to President Obama) and find a way to take urgent action — if you’re in New York City attend the demonstration at the UN on Tuesday; if you’re in LA visit the camp out demonstration at the Federal building any time this week; if in Boston join the demo Wednesday at Government Center.

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