Stop Genocide – Mr. Obama, Darfur is on YOUR Watch.

I normally like to add commentary and such.  But, Michelle’s piece at Stop Genocide so perfectly captured what I was feeling I’ll just direct you over there.

Dear President Obama,

Hi, remember me? I voted for you.

The protracted conflict in Darfur has been in a holding pattern for far too long, and desperately needed a game changer to force a new opening for resolutions. However, such a thing cannot be expected to come without consequences. But we had a pretty damn good idea of what those consequences would be — and the answer is not to not go for the game changer, it’s to act quickly to use it to your advantage and seek to mitigate the short term consequences.

The answer is not to throw the ball squarely in Bashir’s court, by suspending the indictment, and then seek to manage an what was already an increasingly devastating humanitarian catastrophe for as long as Bashir decides to pursue his brutal war.

I know that you agree with me there. So the I ask, Mr. President, where are you?

Now, I know you don’t have a magic button that you can push and make this all go away. Nor am I proposing an Iraq-style invasion — definitely would not be helpful. But as a litany of very smart policy wonks have repeatedly put forth, there are concrete steps that the US is in a position to take to show that there are consequences for his actions as well.

via Stop Genocide – Mr. Obama, Darfur is on YOUR Watch..


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