Origin of Shepard Fairey’s HOPE painting

I just learned that the “HOPE” painting of President Obama is based off of a photo of him taken at a Darfur event!

My colleague Matt passed along the link to BuzzFeed, and made this comment:

“The photo Shepard Fairey used as inspiration for his now iconic Obama painting actually came from the Obama/Clooney event in April, 2006 at the National Press Club on Darfur.  AND, Obama is holding a [Save Darfur] wristband!”

The original

The original

The painting

The painting

It’s pretty cool that an artist though Obama looked his most inspirational/motivational/hopeful at an event where he was discussing ways to end the genocide in Darfur.  I hope he keeps that in mind when he considers prioritizing Darfur.  To help President Obama make Darfur a priority, please visit www.AddYourVoice.org.

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