Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day – crazy, exciting, hopeful, frustrating, inspiring, crowded, diverse, fun, COLD!

The Capitol through the fencing:

Our view

Our view

My favorite tribute:

"Congratulations" Barack Obama - A Swahili Tribute

My favorite sign:

Yes We Can

Yes We Can

Volunteers left Pittsburgh on a bus at midnight to come collect signatures for the Save Darfur Coalition’s Add Your Voice campaign.  If you’d like to help out, visit or text SAVEDARFUR to 313131.

All the way from Pittsburgh - and still cheerful!

All the way from Pittsburgh - and still cheerful!

The city was a mess.  We were among many who did not get into our ticketed area due to the chaos and lack of direction.  It was still an unbelievable experience… just hope we can enter the “new era of responsibility” and all try and do a little better next time!



For a sense of the new foreign policy Obama outlined in his inauguration speech, check out Dr. Arend’s excerpts at Exploring International Law.

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