Live Blogging Part 2 of 24 Season Premier

After blogging on about the special 2 hour episode in November, and live-blogging (and posting at last night’s episode, I’m back for part 2 of the season premier.

… more genocide and human rights references to come, follow below the jump to avoid spoilers!

8:04 – right off the bat we get the wonderful choice between domestic terrorism and fighting genocide.

President Taylor regrets that the guys responsible for genocide in Sanagala weren’t indicted on war crimes long ago.  Ah, the benefit of hindsight.

8:10 – the terrorists/genocidaires are “blackmailing” the US government – if the US doesn’t pull its troops back from the coast of Sangala, they’ll start killing Americans.  This is going to get messy.

8:14 -“You’ll face charges for aiding and abetting genocide”.  Yay international law.

Juma wanted the firewall “and was willing to pay for it”.

8:16 – and Jack’s already tortured someone for info.  But, this time it didn’t work.  Progress?

8:25 – we have to chose between our lives and theirs.

8:27 – and now the plot thickens… there are people in the US government who are aiding and abetting Juma and the genocidaires.  So, now we have a responsibility to stop that and genocide and protect American lives.  Mission impossible?

8:35 – 200,000 dead in Sangala and counting.  Also, interesting that they can show extreme violence in the show but just barely flip through photos of genocide victims.

9:32 – possibility of withdrawing the intervention force.  The president has to explain that to the former PM of Sangala.  And, we learn that Juma’s people are advancing on a refugee camp.

9:39 – interesting that the fact that the former PM of Sangala is worthy of protection simply because he single-handedly fought genocide there.

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