Hillary Clinton’s Confirmation Hearings Begin Today…

And to mark the occasion, here are some quotes on from the Secretary of State nominee on Darfur (courtesy of the Save Darfur Coalition).

Clinton signing the one millionth Million Voices for Darfur card to Bush

Clinton signing the one millionth "Million Voices for Darfur" card to Bush


“The genocide in Darfur must be brought to an end, and the United States has a responsibility as a world leader to bring its weight to bear in order to achieve peace. It is time for this administration to develop a clear, coherent policy toward Sudan and to make all necessary diplomatic efforts to stop this tragedy.”

[Letter to President Bush, February 8, 2008]

“What we need now is strong American leadership so that the government of Sudan understands that it can no longer carry out these atrocities with impunity.”

[Video op-ed for the Save Darfur Coalition, November 2007]

“The president must send a forceful message to the Sudanese government that it will not be allowed to continue violating the promise to support, protect and facilitate humanitarian operations in Darfur. Relief agencies and workers must be given access to the millions of Darfurians whose lives depend on international assistance and be able to provide aid without fear or insecurity.”

[Press release, May 7, 2007]

“Despite efforts by the Bush Administration and its Special Envoy for Sudan, the violence in Darfur rages on and progress has been too slow in getting U.N. peacekeepers to the region. We must continue to press Sudan to help stop the violence and restore peace.”

[Press release, January 17, 2007]


“Standing silent while Darfur continues to fester is not only irresponsible, and not in our interest; it is morally wrong. And that is why I believe we have seen the mobilization of a diverse coalition of Americans on behalf of Darfur. I thank you and urge you to keep making sure your voices are heard. Millions of people are counting on you.”

[Video op-ed for the Save Darfur Coalition, November 2007]

“The United States, like all nations who stand for freedom and respect for human rights, has the moral responsibility to condemn, in the strongest manner possible, the actions of the Sudanese government against its own people.”

[Press release, March 22, 2007]

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