The era of the suit returns

The era of the suit returns – Times Online.

The recession will, so we’re told, sort the girlies from the women, and the conquering armour will be the suit.

This is where fashion is truly amazing. Because even though it sometimes seems that most designers’ grip on reality is at the Michael Jackson end of the spectrum, almost all included tailoring in their spring collections. We may not see an exodus into the full matchy-matchy trouser and skirt suits, but the tuxedo or boyfriend jacket has already made a big impact on wardrobes. They may be resting now (it’s hard to fit a jacket under a coat) but when spring kicks in they’ll be out in force, adding a sleek, grown-up touch to everything you put them with. What a change after years of frou-frou. I can’t wait.

Hat tip to, where Tracey Lomrantz explains the trend:

It’s kinda tacky and tasteless to be parading around in superluxe furs and sequin dresses and over-the-top gauche fashion when the global finance system is falling apart at the seams.


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