US court to sentence Taylor’s son

BBC NEWS | Americas | US court to sentence Taylor’s son.

A series of snippets from the article:

Chuckie Taylor, 31, headed a notorious paramilitary unit while his father’s government was battling rebels.

He was born in the US but after his father won Liberia’s 1997 elections, he moved to the country and was made the head of the notorious Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU) while in his early 20s.

Human Rights Watch, the US-based watchdog, described the verdict as a milestone for ensuring justice for atrocities.

Torture is one of the gravest crimes, and the sentence should reflect its seriousness
Elise Keppler
Human Rights Watch

“Chuckie Taylor’s prosecution is an important step in ensuring the United States is not a safe haven for human rights abusers,” said Elise Keppler, senior counsel for Human Rights Watch’s International Justice Program.

“Torture is one of the gravest crimes, and the sentence should reflect its seriousness.”

The case is the first test of a 1994 US law allowing the prosecution of citizens who commit torture overseas.

I wonder if anyone’s talking about how this could impact potential prosecutions of US soldiers/other citizens who are accused of torture in the “War on Terror”?


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