Vote to make peace in Darfur a priority!

A peace surge for Sudan is currently in 47th place in Ideas for Change in America contest.  Now, of course I’m in favor of saving small American toy-making businesses or vegan school lunch options but are those really the things American thinks Obama should tackle FIRST when he gets into office?  Not to mention the fact that decriminalizing Marijuana is on the top ten twice… maybe, just maybe, stopping the calculated mass murder of thousands of innocent civilians could replace ONE of those Marijuana ideas in the top ten?  That’ll only happen with your help…

First, please vote for the idea by visiting the site.

Then, please e-mail your friends, tweet about it on Twitter, post it to Facebook, or link to the idea on your blog!  We appreciate the help – but even more, the people of Darfur will appreciate having peace in Sudan be a priority for the new Administration.


And of course, if you haven’t already, please Add Your Voice to Save Darfur’s postcard campaign.

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