Mark Your Calendars: Important Dates in 2009

And by important dates I of course mean my favorite holidays – those obscure days that were clearly unilateraly declared by various industries and interest groups, but I find so fascinating that there are days or weeks or months declared to their observance!

To start with, 2009 is the year of Astronomy, Reconciliation and Natural Fibers.  So, get our your cotton tshirts, telescopes and … people you used to hate? and get ready to start partying!


03  Drinking Straw Day

10  National Cut Your Energy Costs Day (this one’s actually a good idea – visit to celebrate!)

16  Appreciate a Dragon Day

11-18  Cuckoo Dancing Week


02 – 09  International Networking Week (I live in DC – every week is networking week)

13  Blame Someone Else Day

18  Pluto Day (does it get a day now it’s no longer a planet?  is that a fair exchange?)


02 – 09 Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week (another serious one that’s a good idea – check out the national MS society, or donate to my walk-a-thon fundraising on this week!)

06 Middle Name Pride Day (Jeans of the world unite!)

18  Awkward Moments Day (I am so happy that awkwardness gets its own holiday.  I will definitely celebrate in style)

20 – 27  National Bubble Week (bubbles!)


12   National Library Week (including this one for my mom!  visit a library!)

13  Egg Salad Week

16  National High Five Day

20 National Paperboard Packaging Week (umm… because we weren’t otherwise aware of paperboard packaging?  wait, I take that back… what exactly is paperboard packaging?)


02  Astronomy Day (celebrate astronomy year on astronomy day!)

01 – 07  Bread Pudding Recipe Exchange Week

04  International Respect for Chickens Day

18  International Museum Day


05 World Environment Day (it’s my birthday, so I have to include it!)

06 – 13  International Clothesline Week (hang your clothes outside and save on energy costs!)

18  Recess at Work Day (this is going to be awesome!  if only we could have a slide)


05  Be Nice to New Jersey Week

15 – 22 National Rabbit Week (definitely celebrated in my home!)

16  Anniversary – District of Columbia Established

25  Cow Appreciation Day

20  Moon Day  – Man’s First Lunar Landing (again, get out your telescopes!)

27  Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day


07  Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day (another packaging day?)

17 – 24 Weird contest Week

21  National Men’s Grooming Day

31 – Sept 7 National Waffle Week


17 – 24  Constitution Week

23  Checkers Day

24  National Punctuation Day (!)

25  Love Note Day

27  Ancestor Appreciation Day


06  National German-American Day (this is my people)

13  National Face Your Fears Day

23  National Mole Day

24  Make A Difference Day


05  National Men Make Dinner Day (aka national order take-out day?)

08  Abet and Aid Punsters Day

20  Name Your PC Day (I always used to name my computers.  my most recent one doesn’t have a name… can it wait ’til Nove 20?)


01 – 07  Cookie Cutter Week

13 – 20  Gluten-free Baking Week

20  Cathode-Ray Tube Day (?)

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